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Can't say I know anything else that captures the feel of a night walk.

Perfect eye-bobbing.
Hope antenna dude give him a hand.

Looks like the guy got promoted or somethin'

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The way the background is misalined with the ground gives this a pretty "off" vibe, the darkness helps.

But you really either have to fix that "fall through floor" bug on level 2 or add a restart button.

Phantomagorla responds:

after converting to swf, flashes problem not mine.

Atmosphere was neat for the first level; but at least putting in a restart button would've made that 3-5 bug more bearabl-

Now don't tell me now that that's on purpose.

Still a blast

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It's kinda hitting that Runescape serene "just goin' about my day" vibe.

I can't believe you did this; here I was all ready to be stressed the rest of the night an you give out this pleasant tune, what is wrong with you?

ninjamuffin99 responds:

im just a little prankster

Found this after hearing it in Dimentia, good stuff!

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Thanks man! Check out my new tracks as well!

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The last boy I'd think to see scrolling past.

I'm starting to feel just a bit silly that I'm starting to apply a deeper meaning to a gif of a ghost rabbit changing shape...

And jesus I stared at this so long I realised the gaps in the "clothes" stay the same width.

If I saw this before I started drawing my own stuff I would've thought those shapes were picked at random; but there's a ton of good attention to composition in this lil' thing, not to mention the energy. Sad to see the guy get murdered continuously though.

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